Paint correction

To be the best you must first look the part !! Our 3 step paint correction will insure just that, removing any swirls and paint defections resulting in a flawless finish

Rim protection


Just like the shoes we wear, our wheels are very important. We don’t just clean your wheels ,we remove them ! This is to gain full access to the entire wheel removing any brake dust and dirt build up. Afterwards we coat your rims in our ceramic glass coating . This will allow for better protection from the outside elements and a more simple cleaning method.



We know proper preparation prevents poor performance. So why just have your interior clean? Protect it with our ultimate interior textile coating! Extremely  hydrophobic  and works on cotton ,wool, silk ,fur, leather , and wood . No more stains!! 

Ceramic coating


We offer a small variety of ceramic coatings. With so many new names you don’t know who to trust right? Well we only use the best. How do we know the best? We put in the time. We learned through trial and error different methods of applications and the general upkeep of a ceramic coatings to insure its durability and ultimate performance